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Personal Project

While I was using the Amazon app on my iPad Air, I noticed that the overall experience and interface could be improved. So I decided to redesign the user experience myself. Since Amazon is so complex, I've just barely scratched the surface. Enjoy!

I started off by imagining a new user’s journey. I visually enhanced the login/join process with added colours and graphics and modernized the form styles. These improvements would make the user feel welcomed.



m/web/web_amazon_org1a.jpg m/web/web_amazon_org1b.jpg

After the join process, I gave the users the ability to build their profile based on their interests. Their interests would cause dynamically generated recommended products to appear on their homepage.


Once inside, menu items that used to be displayed in multiple locations (i.e. Profile, Orders, Feedback, Help, Logout) are unified in a single menu.



m/web/web_amazon_org3a.jpg m/web/web_amazon_org3b.jpg

I improved the search interface by giving it more real estate and enabled camera access on devices, which would allow the user to scan a product barcode for on-the-fly comparisons.




Lastly, I unified the gesture interface by placing the most common actions (i.e. Add to cart or wishlist) within a swipe to the left. A full swipe lets the user quickly add to cart.



m/web/web_amazon_org5a.jpg m/web/web_amazon_org5b.jpg m/web/web_amazon_org5c.jpg


Welcome tour

Questrade's goal was to welcome new users by showcasing the most popular account features, without overwhelming them. These features are: the ability to fund an account, view investment statements and investment returns, manage market data, and navigate from the client portal to make a trade.

We created clean, simple, and easy to digest graphics. To accommodate various user behaviours, we allowed them to navigate by tapping the next button, swiping left and right, or skipping the tour entirely.

m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Large_01.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Large_02.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Large_03.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Large_04.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Large_05.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Large_06.png
m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Small_01.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Small_02.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Small_03.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Small_04.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Small_05.png m/web/myQ_000_welcomescreen_Small_06.png


Email gif

When Questrade released the newly-shared navigation feature, we sent out an email to our clients notifying them of the update. Shared navigation allows the user to quickly switch between different applications, for example, from the client portal to trading. Instead of using a static banner image in the email, we decided to make it fun and flashy by creating an animated GIF to showcase the new interface.



Personal project

I was browsing the Apple website and noticed most applications don't have a product page. Keeping with Apple's simplistic style, I decided to create a product page for the Maps app.

The principal features were navigation, avoiding traffic, transit options, and driving routes. Additionally, I wanted to highlight the satellite view, which helps the user to visually see the destination no matter where they are in the world.


McCowan Foot Clinic

Brand design

I worked with McCowan to develop their entire brand identity, from logo design to business stationery. McCowan foot clinic was extremely passionate about helping people maintain their health and well-being.

For the brand identity, McCowan loved the idea of having their logo represented in mosaic style. The business card was particularly a unique and fun challenge because it not only functioned as a business card, but also as an appointment reminder.


WCKD Marketing

Logo design and brand concept

For WCDK Marketing, I wanted to create a logo mark that was distinctive and easy to read. Working closely with the client, I designed several concepts consisting of different shapes and typography. After multiple iterations, the resulting logo featured angles and a combination of hollow and solid geometric shapes.


Design For Life

Brand design

While interning at Palmleaf Productions, I was in charge of developing the brand identity for Detail for Life, who provided construction solutions.

I decided to play around with construction related tools and finally settled on a protractor shape to represent the 'D' and L-square ruler to represent the 'L'. With this concept, I wanted to clearly communicate the company name and the services they provided.


BRC Group


I worked collaboratively with the BRC marketing and sales manager to create a booklet for their Flex Series product line. The booklet showcases the modular design and adjustable height workstations.

The challenge was keeping the booklet simple and digestible while presenting complex product features. I experimented with the layout to ensure the content and the imagery was well balanced to help lead the reader from page to page. When designing the booklet I leveraged existing BRC brand colours and typography.

m/print/print_brc_brochure1.png m/print/print_brc_brochure2.png m/print/print_brc_brochure3.png m/print/print_brc_brochure4.png


Fund profile

Questrade hosted an event called "Investing Trends 2015" at the TMX Gallery. It was my responsibility to design an ETF product template that was handed out to conference attendees.

The challenge was that the product sheet had to be one-page double-sided, which also contained charts and tables. I decided that a two-column layout would work best to show all necessary information without overwhelming the reader.

m/print/print_fund_profile1.jpg m/print/print_fund_profile2.jpg


Corporate profile

One of my very first print projects at Intelex was to create a corporate profile and file folder to give to clients. The challenge was to inform potential clients of Intelex while keeping the layout simple and modern.

In order to balance the content, I evenly distributed the imagery in a row across the top and allowed for the body to flow naturally underneath. The result was a page that did not feel overwhelming but still featured the required information.

m/print/print_intelex_corporate_brochure1.jpg m/print/print_intelex_corporate_brochure2.jpg

WCKD Marketing

T-shirt concept

In order to challenge myself and explore different mediums, I set out to design a t-shirt. Using WCKD Marketing as the client, I created an abstract vector graphic encircling a reimagined logo. The result is a fun shirt that could be easily remixed in a variety of colour combinations.




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